New Moon Meditation

It has been a long while since I have been here. And I won’t lie — I was running away from what Goddess has clearly called me to do. No matter how how far I run, no matter where I hide, She always brings me back to this: sharing the gifts I have been given and the tools of healing that I have created for Self with others. History keeps repeating itself, which means I haven’t learned the lesson. Goddess keeps bringing into my circle of beloveds women who are seeking the healing power of the Kintsugi Living Method. There is a reason that I keep being approached by women asking for guidance and assistance in healing themselves — women whom I have had no prior contact. There are no coincidences, only Synchronicity…

At this New Moon, I set the intention to move forward with the development of this website and blog, moving fully onto the path which the Divine has paved for me. Ase. Continue reading “New Moon Meditation”


October 27, 2015: Tonight’s Super Moon

Did you know there’s a super moon tonight? It’s the third consecutive super moon, a 999 code, and ushers in a period of great abundance…

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