Sumaiyah Head Shot (1)

I have lived a life of turmoil and strife. I have lived a life of worry and fear. But now I live a life of bliss and abundance and I achieved it simply…


Credentialed as a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Intentional Creativity Coach, Certified Color of Woman Teacher, Certified Spiritual Coach, Vibrational Alchemist, and Ordained Minister, I have enough letters behind my name to rival the number of letters in the alphabet! But really — how important are pieces of paper in the scheme of things? The who and what I am authentically is a woman passionate about healing and living in abundance while sharing the same tools so that others can attain and live an abundant life as well. I am an Author and an Artist and I utilize these skills in my KLM practice.

dear-sister-at-the-book-festivalI am a Jane of All Trades and master of some. But what’s the fun in mastery? Practice is where the learning and growth occurs. Creative practice, a concept taught through the Kintsugi Living Method, is what I am utilizing in my life. A life filled with art, writing, crystals, painting, reading, walking in nature, children, pets, a husband, and a job outside of my home which I absolutely love. But — there’s also so much more… All created through my dedication to creative practice and the Kintsugi Living Method.

I am a self-proclaimed Self Love Catalyst who is hell bent and determined to spread this goodness that has healed my life as far and wide as I can possibly fling the paint! My life’s work does not require any of the above mentioned certifications. It only requires two things: 1) love of Self, and 2) the desire to use my gifts for the highest good of all.

And I have an abundance of both, thanks to the Kintsugi Living Method.

That’s what I am about. That’s what this website is about. That’s what my forthcoming book is about… Simple and abundant living.