New Moon = New Beginnings…

This actually isn’t an absolute “new” beginning — I actually built this website some time last year. But then the “flight” in me kicked in and I didn’t do much to advertise it or let folks know it was here. As She always does, Goddess brought me full circle right back to the website. Why? Because she knew that I would eventually set the intention that I have set for this New Moon and move fully forward to honor Her and my path.

In my last blog post, I stated that my intention for this new cycle as this:

At this New Moon, I set the intention to move forward with the development of this website and blog, moving fully onto the path which the Divine has paved for me. Ase.

This evening, while we are still under the full force and energetic power of the New Moon, I (re)birthed this website. Took away the curtain and stepped fully onto the page. And now I am ready to share it with all of you! But before I do so, a quick note about this blog —

The blog is going bye-bye. I am not even going to lie and say I will maintain this one along with the new website. It is not gonna happen… On February 1, 2017, you will no longer have access to this blog. It is going to disappear into the virtual stratosphere. So with that said, come on ova to the new website (which includes a blog!):



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