It has been a long while since I have been here. And I won’t lie — I was running away from what Goddess has clearly called me to do. No matter how how far I run, no matter where I hide, She always brings me back to this: sharing the gifts I have been given and the tools of healing that I have created for Self with others. History keeps repeating itself, which means I haven’t learned the lesson. Goddess keeps bringing into my circle of beloveds women who are seeking the healing power of the Kintsugi Living Method. There is a reason that I keep being approached by women asking for guidance and assistance in healing themselves — women whom I have had no prior contact. There are no coincidences, only Synchronicity…

At this New Moon, I set the intention to move forward with the development of this website and blog, moving fully onto the path which the Divine has paved for me. Ase.

That said, here is a New Moon Meditation which I have recorded for your use in preparing to set your intention(s) at this January New Moon in Aquarius. Use it in conjunction with the simple ritual that follows it to set your intentions for this next cycle.


  1. Retreat to your sacred space and light a candle to symbolize the Light of the Divine in your space.
  2. Take a sip of water and relax. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  3. Listen to the New Moon Meditation (linked above).
  4. Now take out your journal and write down your intention(s) for this cycle.
  5. Create a vision of your intention(s) on the page. Allow whatever wants to come to depict your intention(s) manifest onto the page. Let go of ego and allow intuition — True Self — manipulate the paintbrush.
  6. Evaluate your words and your art. What messages appear there for you? What symbols inform this present moment? What does it all mean in your life in this present moment?
  7. Give thanks for the time spent in ritual with Goddess. On your artwork, write a statement of gratitude for all that you have now and for all that is to come.
  8. As above, so below. And so it is.

Ritual is a key element in KLM. Your rituals do not have to be elaborate with ornate objects and laden with pomp and circumstance. They can be as simple as the one above, or if you are so called, you can go all out. What is important is to incorporate ritual into your creative spiritual practice. Our lives are riddled with ritual:

  • Rise. Eat breakfast. Prepare for the day (work, home responsibilities, etc.). Return home. Repeat.

Clearly religious traditions rely heavily on ritual as a means of worship and also as a means to controlĀ how the adherents worship. The KLM is a spiritual practice heavily based in creativity. As such, expect to use ritual as a regular part of the Method, the difference being is that the ritual is one thatĀ you create. One which suits your needs, utilizes the tools you have on hand, and fills your Spirit. Feeding your Spirit is the ultimate goal, as it raises your vibrations and brings you closer to the Divine.


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