And here I am posting on what should be Day 23!

But in this one post we will go from Day 7 to Day 23 and be “all caught up” if there’s even such a thing… How do you catch up on life? You don’t. You release the past and live in the Present. It is a gift you know! So we are going to live in the present, even though we’re working on Days 7 through 23. Nearly half a month…

And that’s a perfect number!

It’s been 16 days and a lot has been transpired for all of us over that time. Now is the time to grab you candle and get settled in your sacred space. Light your candle(s) and play soothinDay 7g music. Come on! You know the drill!! Two weeks and two days since I last posted. I pray that it hasn’t been that long since you last concentrated on You.

If you haven’t been spending time with Self, here’s a list of things you can accomplish:

Day 7
Have you affirmed your Self lately? Daily affirmations are one key way to keep your outlook positive. It is a way to walk in the Light at all times. Starting today in your journal, write a positive affirmation that reflects for you how your outlook for that day will be. This should be done first thing in the morning when you arise. If you find yourself having doubts about your day, flip open to that page and re-read the affirmation that is guiding your day. Put your Self back in that frame and carry on. At the end of the day, you will have experienced so much more Light that what would have been your experience if you allowed your Self to spiral down the rabbit hole into the darkness.

Day 8
Today I want you to do more with your affirmation. Instead of simply writing it in your journal, create a rich background that depicts the depth of what that affirmation means in your life. Make many many layers of paint, paper, and product. Build up your affirmation to a place that resides high and then raise your personal vibrations to that level.

Day 9
We’re not letting go of affirmations… No now. Not never. By today, you should have one written affirmation and one affirmation that has been embellished by the rich layers of your life. Today it’s time to infuse your affirmation with all that you are. In addition to creating a rich background for your affirmation, depict with pictures what that looks like for you.

Day 10
Guess what? Today we’re working with affirmations again! Each day we build upon what we learned for Self from the prior day’s work with this tool. Now that we’ve added background and images to our affirmations, it’s time to add words. The affirmations themselves are words; however, you also need to know where you were in your life when you wrote those words. On this day, I want you first to write down how you are feeling right in the moment before creating your affirmation. Now, create your background. Ensure that some of what you’ve written peeks through the paint. Choose the words that are most powerful, encouraging, and uplifting to allow through. Now, write your affirmation based on the words that you see there.

Day 11 through Day 14
As the saying goes “Eat Sleep Repeat”… For these next 14 days, I want you exclusively work with personal affirmations. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Well these 14 days plus the 4 prior ones gets us to 18. Guess what we’ll be working on for the 3 days following your end date listed above?

Every Day
Please come and share some of your Light with us here in the Comments. Post you favorite affirmations. From Rumi to the ones you create for Self, we want to see them here! Who knows? What has inspiried you on any given day may be just the inspiration one of the other ladies here needs. Ase’!

Looking forward to seeing the affirmations posted! Feel free to post pictures of your pages too!!


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