Do you feel that?

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Do you feel the gentle release inherent in one day releasing what no longer serves you and the next day honoring that prior journey through embellishing the bits necessary for expansion?

Journal Activity

Open your journal to the next blank 2 page spread. It should be the very next page after the page you completed yesterday. On the left-hand page, Write:

  • Do you feel the gentle release from the activities of the prior 2 days?
  • What does it feel like? Take the time to be specific and descriptive.
  • How do you feel right now in this moment? What message has been revealed to you in this writing?

On the right-hand page, Create:

  • Depict visually what that gentle release feels like. Use pictures from books and magazines if you don’t feel you are good enough (and you ARE!) to draw things yourself.
  • Now, depict your Self and how you are feeling in this present moment.

What is the gift (the present) that Source has bestowed upon you? Write what your gift is boldly on the page with your visual depiction of it. Remember that “extra” glitter you may have picked up with the gold glitter? Use some of it to embellish your words and drawings/collage if you are so called.


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