Yesterday,  I left you asking you “How are you feeling?” Today we process that question, first in our hearts and then in our journals. Listen to the guided meditation below and then come back to this post to complete the exercises.

Remember, as always: Set sacred space first.Then set your intention upon the task at hand: Self.

Now that you have listened to the meditation, take your journal out along with the 3 colors of paint that you envisioned during the guided meditation. Remember, don’t “think” about the colors. Allow your Self to be guided to them intentionally. When you have your 3 colors, return to your journal page and begin painting over the words that you wrote yesterday. But one key thing in this process:

Allow some of the writing to peak through. Do not fully cover the page with paint so that you can’t see any of the writing. In some spots, splash on some paint and then wipe it back with a baby wipe or paper towel allowing the paint to obscure the words rather than cover them. In other spots, completely cover the words with paint. There is no “method” to applying the 3 colors to the page. Simply reach for a color and begin. When you are called to put the next color on, go for it. Allow some colors to mix and merge. In some areas, allow the colors to layer one another rather than mix:

  • To mix colors, paint one color over/into the next color while the first color is still wet.
  • To layer colors, allow the first color to dry completely before using a second color on top.

Once the paint is dry, write out how you are feeling now. Reframe anything that wants to come forth negatively into a positive light: I am enough just as I am, rather than “I need to do X, Y, Z to be better.” Do not write over the words you allowed to peak through the paint. Now, apply kintsugi: golden joinery to the “broken bits:” The words you allowed to peak through the paint. On these words, apply a line of Elmer’s glue and then immediately sprinkle the glue with gold glitter. Allow the glue to be raised and not flat. This makes for better “sticking” of the glitter. Set your journal aside and allow to dry for a few hours until the glue is completely dry. Tap off the excess glitter onto a sheet of paper, make a funnel and pour the glitter back into your tube. Waste not, want not…



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