Today was to be the first of our Arise and Ascend sessions. Notice I said “was to be”…

That’s because today’s Arise and Ascend session didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because I slept right through my alarm! Waking up 4 or more hours later on my own, I looked at the clock and said “Oops!” and turned back over.

I could have bolted up, frantic reaching for my Surface Pro so I can whip up a quick note apologizing and rescheduling…

I could have mentally beat myself up, calling myself a failure for missing a scheduled event for a program that I am facilitating…

I could do a lot of things to malign myself and berate myself, but — what does that solve?

  • Does it rewind the clock and wake me up in time for the event to happen as planned?
  • Does it boost my self-esteem and depict the great Wombmyn I truly am?
  • Does it indicate the success or failure of the very program I am running?

The answer is a resounding NO… So why beat my Self up about it?

I do apologize for not being available for our first live session. But I will not berate my Self for it. I will look for the next opportunity, in two weeks, to overcome whatever held me back today. Today, it was sleep. Sleep because I was up late — after 1 a.m. — that night. Am I making that an excuse? No. I am simply stating facts. In two weeks I seek to plan better and not be up that night on an evening when I need to rise at 3:45 a.m…

And this is how I want you to live. I want you to release the habit of allowing yourself to berate your Self when something doesn’t go the way you planned. Guess what? The Divine is the best of planners… Did you ever consider that whatever transpired did so in that manner because it is the Divine Plan? There is a reason that door remained closed to you. Maybe it has to do with timing. Synchronicity… We won’t know what the lesson behind the situation is until we process what transpired.

And beating your Self up and making your Self feel like a loser does not process the information. Nor will the Ancestors help you to manifest the answers until you are “mature” enough to receive the message.

We become mature when we learn to positively process our life, rather than magnify what we feel is the least magnanimous.

What have you been berating your Self about?

Journal Activity…

Remember that page you painted white in your journal? It’s time to “dirty it up”…

Pull out your journal and pens/markers/paint. On that page, I want you to write everything down that you have been saying to yourself to belittle and berate your Self. Write it ALL down. Get it out! Onto the page where you can confront it and it can no longer hide behind the veil of your mind. If you find yourself running out of space to write, do not turn the page! simply turn your book 45 degrees and continue writing on top of the page of words you’ve already written. Run out of space again? Another 45 degree turn. Now your book is upside down and you can keep writing…

No — you won’t be able to read what you’ve written. But it wasn’t meant for you to read it again and berate your Self again. It was written to be released.

As you are writing, forgive yourself for not forgiving your Self sooner. Forgive your Self for all the things you are writing which have been whipping on you. Write with the intention to release all that you are writing. And as you are writing, release it… Release it all. Let it fall from your mind and soul, down through your root chakra, and out into Mother Earth where She will ground and transmute it.

Use all of the colors of the rainbow in your writing. If you are mad, use big bold red marker. If you are melancholy, use a blue to signify that emotion. Use whatever colors you are called to reach for in your writing. If you are called to use symbols rather than words, draw them onto the page! Whatever comes through, allow it to flow organically. Do not fight it. Do not tame the words. Get it out as pretty or as ugly as it may come.

Artist’s Date…

Taking a lesson from Julia Cameron’s award winning book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, we are going to take ourselves on an Artist’s Date. The purpose of the Artist’s Date is not to spend money. The Date can be absolutely free, although this one will cost you $5 or less… The purpose is so you spend time with Self, reflecting and intentionally living in that one moment for your Self and no one else.

Go to a craft store: AC Moore, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, even Wal*Mart. Buy your Self some Elmer’s School Glue or any other glue that you can squeeze onto the page in a line and that dries absolutely clear. Lastly, buy your Self a tube of gold glitter that you can sprinkle out easily and without it coming out in large “clumps.” If you find gold in a pack of other colors that is cheaper than purchasing a tube of gold alone, get the multi-color pack. We can use the other colors throughout the year to add embellishment to our pages.

This Date, again, should cost you $5 or less. Elmer’s shouldn’t be more than $1, leaving you $4 for the glitter. And speaking of $1 — check the dollar store for these 2 items. You never know what you might find there, making the Date even less expensive. Bring your treats home and place them in the non-descript, undecorated box we spoke of on Day 1.

How are you feeling?


3 thoughts on “Day 3: Shit Happens and That’s OK…

  1. Funny how this is my reality. Yes, I read this post a day late but it makes the perfect sense to confess your wrong, hiccup and/or mess up but it’s SO much more powerful to be able to release it. I think we all can relate to holding on & falling into the shame of something we promised to do, feeling guilty by simply getting sidetracked. Thank you for giving us a way to be able to release that & not holding on to it to feel less than. Now, that’s a beautiful way to proceed on life’s journey. Learning to love you – yourself first is & will be something that you can/will fall in love with. Our imperfections are beautiful alone once we accept them for ourselves. 😍

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  2. *giggling* I’m giggling because I did it again… Life once again had a different plan for me than coming here and posting every day. But, as I meditate, write, and process what is transpiring, I am finding the answer is a resounding “Slow down!” For me and for all of you… We all made a commitment to honor Self for the next 366 days. This is a daunting task. It can be overwhelming. The pressure of knowing there is a new post waiting for you every day can get you stuck rather than propel you forward. And I’m learning that this message, for me, means that I don’t have to be Superwoman (in reference to facilitating this class) and still run an awesome workshop. It’s unrealistic of me to expect you all to be gentle with your Self and go at your own pace, anticipating the ebbs and flow of life, while expecting of my Self that life won’t “interrupt” my plans too… We WILL share 366 days together. It just might be that some of those days get posted all at once. Just like in life we plan our days one way and sometimes things just happen — “all at once”…

    Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing You…

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  3. If I know nothing else I know that LIFE has a way of just going on…whether it be with or without you, me, us or anybody else for that matter. So with that being our reality, at some point your gonna get it – that time maybe later than others or even later than when you anticipated getting it but then & at that point you do something different about it. Instead of simply existing you begin to live. You’ll let go of those things that tend to have had you think like LIFE was about rolling with the punches causing you to simply exist & not live past, this problem or that bill. We finally get to that point when we realize that we aren’t & weren’t created to just exsist but to assist one another to be & become very powerful living beings in this rough, tough world.
    Don’t be discouraged instead get encouraged & ready Lady, there’s a land full of other ladies, woman, females waiting for what you & I have to offer. The time to live is TODAY…let’s live together making this place a better place to be…

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