Visual Journaling…

“Visual journaling is a creative way to express and record life’s experiences, feelings, emotional reactions, or our inner world – visually and verbally.

Exploring our own thought process through visual journaling is essential in a world that is in a state of continuous change. Just as there are many ways to express oneself artistically, there are many ways to create visual journals. By committing to the visual journaling process, one can learn how to access his/her inner language of imagery and express it both visually and verbally, while exploring the connection between image and word.”

~Michael Bell
Celebrity Artist

This is one of the key tools we will have in our arsenal. It is vital in our quest for healing Self. Our journals will start out where we are:

  • Raw
  • Bare
  • Unshappen…

As we progress through the next 365 days, both our Self and our journals will grow thick skins. New layers will be painted on and merged into our Self and we will transform.

Journal Suggestions

Choose a book that you will love. You will be in it every day for the next year. The pages should not be thin — we will be using wet mediums inside of our journals. If you choose a book which is not designed for art, you will want to prepare your pages for the wet mediums by gluing 2-3 pages together to create a thicker page. Some of the books that I have used for art journals include:

  1. Composition Notebooks — 88 cent from Wal*Mart
  2. Canson XL Mixed Media Journals — $6+
  3. Strathmore Mixed Media Journals — $8+
  4. Reclaimed Hardbacked Novels — usually free!

You will definitely want to glue pages together in the composition notebook and the reclaimed novels. These pages are designed for pen and ink, not paint and ink sprays. Save yourself heartache by prepping the pages. The other thing you may want to do in to these type books is to use masking tape or washi tape on the inside of the front and back cover where the pages are sewn in. This will help prevent the book from pulling apart at the covers.

Monthly Plan Books and The Planner Perfect Method

“You are more than just your tasks in life.”   ~Jenny Penton

The video referenced here can do a lot better at explaining this than I can! Watch the video and listen to what she is saying. Don’t worry about recording the steps she’s talking about. I want you to review this video so you understand Jenny Penton’s Monthly Plan Books and The Planner Perfect Method. No — we are not adding yet another book to our toolkit. However, we are going to incorporate a hacked version of The Planner Perfect Method into our visual journals.

Guess what? You are MORE than your tasks in life! Begin to wrap your head around that statement and the truth it contains. Begin to think how you can incorporate Jenny’s thought process in your visual journal. Not the planning/planner bits unless you choose to use those bits too… But her encouragement to you and allow her one statement to sink in:

You are more than your tasks in life…

This is one of the biggest reasons why we never get around to time for Self. Tasks Lists. To Do’s. Listers gotta list, right? Well you have been listing your Self right out of Time. For. Self. And that has to stop. Now. Here… As we work through this next year, we will heed Jenny’s words and remind our Self constantly if necessary that we are more than our tasks in life. We will begin today to prioritize Self first and put our task lists on the backburner instead of the other way around.


Oh! You thought there was no work for you to do throughout this year? Forget what you heard! LOL

Tonight I want you to prep your visual journal. Begin by gluing pages together if you need to complete this process. But — don’t just glue pages together. Do it with intention and purpose

  • Clear and set sacred space.
  • Light a candle.
  • Play soothing, meditative music.
  • And begin…

If you have a mixed media journal that doesn’t require any kind of prep before we begin, then you are golden. If this is the case for you, take the time to paint the very first page white in preparation for what we are going to do in the journals this year. For those of you prepping pages by gluing together, make sure you also paint the very first page in the book white. Remember to set your intention for the journal and work with purpose, for —

You are more than your tasks in life…


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