Welcome to the Sadhana Goddesses! I meant to post this last night, but — Life… And that’s what this next year is all about. Life. Day by day.

One day at a time…

If life gets in the way of your plans, it was meant to be. Nothing is meant to block you or your path. What we see as obstacles in our path are learning points. Learning points help us to grow. We connect one part of our path and our growth to the next part through kintsugi: Golden joinery…

But this post isn’t the space to go all into that. It isn’t the space to get deep or go deep.
This post is meant to welcome you to the journey. So —


My SparrowTruth be told, I have no clue what I will post next week or next month. My planner is full of what we’ll do this week, but not even that is certain… Day 2 is written and scheduled, ready to post at 8 a.m. tomorrow; but what is written there is not what is on Day 2’s planner page. What is written is what came organically as I prepared to put together what was on that page. It is a Divine Download received as the lesson was created. The words and exercises were manifested by a higher vibration of Self. More pure. More Light. A Higher Power…

What I do know, however, is that if you stick with this sadhana while being true to Self, true to the exercises, and simply Be-ing you will emerge beautifully, abundantly, authentically…

There will be days when the post is long, like today. Some days will be a simple quote with a request for you to manifest. Whatever will be will come organically. As we travel down the rabbit hole of what we allow to hold us back, we emerge on the other side free of the encumbrances that the past represented and confronted with the promise that it really is.

On Mondays, we muse. I pull a card, or two, from one of the oracle card decks which I own. We use that as our focus for the week and attempt to apply the principles represented on the card in our own lives. Every other Sunday, we meet during the ambrosial hours in person via Join Me to meditate, create ritual, and bond. And each and every day spend focused time on Self.

However, this is your journey…

Nothing is mandating you to be here. Nothing is requiring you to do the work. You are here because you chose to be here. Because you chose Self first, and for that I am VERY happy. Not for myself because you are here on this sadhana with me; rather for you because you picked You. So pull up a chair, a journal, some paint and pens, a few candles, you favorite stones and crystals and dig into the meat of things.

The meat of You…

There is no falling behind. It doesn’t exist in this space. You do what you can, when you can and that is what is meant to be. Maybe you will only read the posts. Maybe you will do each and every exercise. Whatever you do, do it for You and no one else but YOU.

You are SO worth it!


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