Today we embark…

Today is the first day of forever. Each day we are given a blank slate with which to recreate ourselves. In the next year and one day, we will spend focused time doing just that: recreating Self, one day at a time. Consistently. Lovingly.


Because Self Love is not selfish. It is necessary. And none of us do it nearly enough. But in this next year we have committed ourselves to the task of spending focused time on Self in order to be the best we can be.

So let us begin…

This next 366 days is a Sadhanaliterally “a means of accomplishing something”. What we are attempting to accomplish is Self transformation. We are aiming to transcend ego:

  • I need to do X for Y.
  • I need to do laundry.
  • I need to finish the report for work.
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Because these “needs” are not more than ego. Ego telling you that without you, these things won’t be accomplished. And in some cases, that may be the case. But what ego doesn’t tell you is that these things can be accomplished after you have taken time for Self first. Your priority list can be an effective tool in your life. However, you must not forget the single one permanent task on your High Priority List:



Preparation for our sadhana begins by gathering a few tools. These things need not be expensive and can be things you have around the house, things that are meaningful for you that you repurpose for this journey. Sometimes the repurposed trinkets are the most powerful tools in your arsenal for they hold a deeper meaning than a new something you’ve just purchased and haven’t spent time with yet.

In addition to what is below, there may be other things we add to our toolkit along the way. Nothing will ever be pricey and most things you most probably already have around the house:

A Journal
This can be as simple as an 88 cent composition book from Wal*Mart… Nothing fancy, but something with a sturdy cover because we will be both writing and arting in our journals.

A White Candle
This will represent the Light of the Divine, whatever the Divine is to you.

A Bundle of Sage
Sage is used to cleanse and purify spaces and things. We will use sage in our spaces and on our things.


A Piece of Rose Quartz
Make sure you buy an authentic piece of rose quartz and not a man-made look-a-like. I can recommend a shop local to the DMV and also an online shop that are reputable.

A Small Pouch
Large enough to hold your piece of rose quartz and allow a little bit of extra room in case you want to add to your medicine bag along the journey.

Essential Oils
Frankincense and Lemongrass. Other scents that you enjoy and that are soothing and relaxing to you.

Carrier Oil
Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, (unscented) extra virgin olive oil… Just a small amount to dilute your essential oils in and create your personal anointing oils. These three are just suggestions. You only need one of the three.

Small Glass Vial(s)
To dilute, mix, and contain your essentials oil blends. One or two to start is all you need. 1/2 – 1 oz size should suffice.

small glass vials

Rose Petals
Dried. Will be used to infuse the carrier oil and essential oils. You only need a small amount.

A Music Source
Spotify, YouTube, iPad… Whatever you have on hand to play soothing, meditative music.

Start Day 1

Day 1 Tasks

This sadhana is not meant to be a burden in your life. It is meant to enhance your life and assist you in creating the best version of You that you can be. That said, our daily tasks will not require much. Sometimes so little that you will wonder if it is even any benefit to complete the tasks.

It always is…

Your tasks today consist of gathering the tools listed above. However, I want you to gather these items with focused intention. Be present to the matter at hand. Don’t simply add these to your shopping and To Do lists. Go within and select your tools with intention. Think about their Purpose: to help you grow and transcend through this sadhana. You have embarked on an important and serious quest and as such your tools should represent the seriousness of the commitment you have made.

When you have gathered all of your tools, place them in a cardboard box. Something nondescript and not decorative. This is where we are starting — bare, raw, unprepared. Each of our tools will grow with us on this journey, but they will all start as not necessarily exciting items in our lives. As you place your items in your cardboard box, envision placing your bare self in that same box. Allow your Self to stay open to the possibilities you are creating by placing your Self in that box with the proper tools. I know we often want to break out and work “outside the box”, but in this case we want to be inside of this box. This box has all the right tools that you need on this journey in this moment right now.

Will the contents change?

They certainly will. Many times. Sometimes seemingly daily. But that is the beauty of the sadhana process and learning to greet each day as malleable clay mass. You are able to shape and mold the mass of clay into what YOU want it to be. Your way. In your time. On your terms…

Other Considerations for Our Journey

We embarked on this sadhana with not much fanfare. There was NO information posted online/on social media. Most of you received some type of brief texted or verbal discourse with me regarding joining something I was going to kick off on July 1st. I didn’t offer any specifics on the sadhana, and this was done on purpose.

I want you to commit to one year and one day of selfless self love. It is nearly impossible to do this kind of work for this length of time without some kind of support system for Self. Know that this group is one of the branches of the support system that you need to have in place for Self. We cannot support you in everything; however, we are here to witness you and to watch you as you transform. That said, we must stress to you that Simply Sumaiyah, Kintsugi Living Sadhana, their employees, heirs, and assigns are not medical doctors. Any information that you receive on this website is to be used for informational purposes. The Kintsugi Living Method is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please continue to follow the directives of your medical professional.

But that does mean that each and every day for the next 366 days you need to come here and see what’s been offered to you for that day. With this private website and sadhana comes a private place for us to share with each other. We also will work through the following:

  • A new daily blog post (by 8 a.m.).
  • The ability to interact and share with each other through the Comments section.
  • A weekly oracle reading posted on the main page each Monday — the Monday Morning Muse. This reading is designed to help you guide your week and where to focus your gratitude for the week. More on that later…
  • A bi-weekly Skype call on Sunday mornings. This is our opportunity to commune together “in person.” The call will include meditation and distance reiki.
  • Writing and visual journal work.
  • Setting sacred space and work with altars/altarscaping.
  • Learning to flow with the cycles of the Moon, and not just the New/Full Moon.
  • Creating sacred tools that empower and uplift us.
  • Learning to create ritual that is important to each of us individually; un-learn the rote following of ritual that is acceptable by friends/family/loved ones/society.
  • So much more…

Begin today shedding all that no longer serves you. Prepare space for all of this goodness and much more. Become aware of the Present and of Self. Both are gifts from the Divine…


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of 366 Days with Self

    1. Yes. Let us begin…
      I too am nervous. Nervous for the growth and manifesting that will happen over this next year. Yet while nervous, I am excited for the opportunity to walk with Self this year, tuning every thing and every one out and finally focussing on me. We are here together to witness one another. In this space. It is a sacred circle… We are here to uplift and support you as we are able and allowed. Namaste.

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