Day 7…

And here I am posting on what should be Day 23!

But in this one post we will go from Day 7 to Day 23 and be “all caught up” if there’s even such a thing… How do you catch up on life? You don’t. You release the past and live in the Present. It is a gift you know! So we are going to live in the present, even though we’re working on Days 7 through 23. Nearly half a month… Continue reading “Day 7…”


Day 6: Gratitude

Gratitude is something I practice daily…

Nearly a week ago, on July 4th, I picked for our group the Gratitude oracle card. With that card, there was a meditation. An active meditation. One that has you actively doing something and that act in itself is the meditation.


How are you making out with your Gratitude meditation?

Be honest with Self. Realize it then release it. Just like I did on Day 3 when I woke up and realized I had I had missed our Arise and Ascend. Write it down in your journey and honor it with kintsugi.

And if you haven’t been following the 10 day meditation, it’s never too late to start!

Day 3: Shit Happens and That’s OK…

Today was to be the first of our Arise and Ascend sessions. Notice I said “was to be”…

That’s because today’s Arise and Ascend session didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because I slept right through my alarm! Waking up 4 or more hours later on my own, I looked at the clock and said “Oops!” and turned back over.

I could have bolted up, frantic reaching for my Surface Pro so I can whip up a quick note apologizing and rescheduling…

I could have mentally beat myself up, calling myself a failure for missing a scheduled event for a program that I am facilitating…

I could do a lot of things to malign myself and berate myself, but — what does that solve?

  • Does it rewind the clock and wake me up in time for the event to happen as planned?
  • Does it boost my self-esteem and depict the great Wombmyn I truly am?
  • Does it indicate the success or failure of the very program I am running?

The answer is a resounding NO… So why beat my Self up about it? Continue reading “Day 3: Shit Happens and That’s OK…”

Day 2


Visual Journaling…

“Visual journaling is a creative way to express and record life’s experiences, feelings, emotional reactions, or our inner world – visually and verbally.

Exploring our own thought process through visual journaling is essential in a world that is in a state of continuous change. Just as there are many ways to express oneself artistically, there are many ways to create visual journals. By committing to the visual journaling process, one can learn how to access his/her inner language of imagery and express it both visually and verbally, while exploring the connection between image and word.”

~Michael Bell
Celebrity Artist

Continue reading “Day 2”

Welcome to the Journey!


Welcome to the Sadhana Goddesses! I meant to post this last night, but — Life… And that’s what this next year is all about. Life. Day by day.

One day at a time…

If life gets in the way of your plans, it was meant to be. Nothing is meant to block you or your path. What we see as obstacles in our path are learning points. Learning points help us to grow. We connect one part of our path and our growth to the next part through kintsugi: Golden joinery… Continue reading “Welcome to the Journey!”

Day 1 of 366 Days with Self

Today we embark…

Today is the first day of forever. Each day we are given a blank slate with which to recreate ourselves. In the next year and one day, we will spend focused time doing just that: recreating Self, one day at a time. Consistently. Lovingly.


Because Self Love is not selfish. It is necessary. And none of us do it nearly enough. But in this next year we have committed ourselves to the task of spending focused time on Self in order to be the best we can be. Continue reading “Day 1 of 366 Days with Self”