Dear Highest Self,
I welcome you to speak through me. What would you have me know?

So… You have a lot on your plate but know that I won’t give you more than you can handle! Those things you want to do that are pressing on you need to be done. The time is now! It may seem like a lot for me to ask you to do these two things in front of you right now at the same time; but really the two are only one task. One feeds the other…

That is how all of your sacred gifts and directives work. There are correspondences present which allow you to do all of the work in this world that you were called to do. This one demonstrates the connection between those things you love most. But you already know that is a winning combination. I am now taking you to the next level in those things. We have scratched the surface. We have demonstrated the healing power in these tools. Now it’s time to supercharge those gifts of yours and crank this up to the next level!!!

Feeling Froggish
Feeling Froggish

It is time for you to go deep with this! You have played around with these tools for the last two and a half years trying to find your footing. Each time you are brought back to the same subset of tools. Use these tools deeply and powerfully. Stop being afraid to go deep for fear that others don’t want to go that way and use your tools for the highest good of all.



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