Did you know there’s a super moon tonight? It’s the third consecutive super moon, a 999 code, and ushers in a period of great abundance…

Picture courtesy of http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/10/26/star-gazers-set-for-final-supermoon-2015.html
Picture courtesy of http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/10/26/star-gazers-set-for-final-supermoon-2015.html

But I am not the astrology or numerology expert, so I will leave full details to them. Here is a great explanation of tonight’s super moon, what it ushers in, and what rings in with the new month of November from Tania Gabrielle.

What I do want to talk about is the importance of us returning to the ways of our Ancestors, one of them being “following the moon.” I don’t mean literally follow it… Rather, I mean knowing the cycles of the moon, what each cycle brings/means, and how to apply that energy to our present. KLM is all about living in the present while honoring the wisdom of our Ancestors in order to connect the cracks more beautifully and lay the path straight for our future. One of the vital pieces of wisdom used by the Ancestors is the path of the moon. Today, we return to a beginning understanding of that…

A full moon, and especially a super moon, is a period of releasing. At each full moon — super or not — we should go through a ritual of release. One that resonates with us, even one that we’ve come up with ourselves. It doesn’t have to be something that some “seasoned” spiritual ritual practitioner has put together. Your vision of your Divine Higher Power will accept your offering in whatever way you choose to offer it! There is no prescribed plan or manner in which to go about honoring the Divine and by doing a releasing ritual, you are doing just that while healing your Self. How so?

Because when you release the garbage, you keep your Self open to the Divine’s messages and guidance for the next steps on your path.

Holding on to that baggage clogs the the lines of communication. But remember — we are not working to forget these hard times. We are working to process them, to garner the wisdom from them, and then to release them. And in releasing them we are only releasing the negative connection to that situation in our lives. There is positive in every situation. That, along with the wisdom from the lesson(s) learned, is what we keep in our magickal satchel. And we use that wisdom as the golden joinery for the cracks in our Road of Life.

Kintsugi Living…

For those of you new to the idea of Full Moon Releasing Rituals, here is a simple one that you can use for your Self tonight. Take from it those bits that resonate with you and leave the rest. Add to it those things from your heart which will make the ritual yours. Enjoy!


  • Paper and Pen
  • Candle
  • Small Heat-proof Dish
  • Water
  • Acrylic Paints and Brushes
  • Collage Matter
  • Art Journal
  • Meditation Music (optional)
  • Abundance Crystals: Clear Crystal Quartz, Citrine, Malachite, Green Aventurine, etc. (optional)

Enter into your sacred space. This is the place you retreat to in your home or office to spend time in meditation and connecting with the Divine. If you don’t have a sacred space in your home/office, make one today! It doesn’t have to be large and doesn’t need anything particular except a place for you to sit undisturbed.

  1. Place your candle on a steady surface with the intention of the candle symbolizing the Divine. Remember — your intention is key in any ritual or process.
  2. Place your stones/crystals around the candle in a circle with the intention of bringing abundance into your present moment and beyond. If you don’t have enough crystals for a circle, place them around the candle in a “circle-like” pattern until you are out of stones. It is not necessary to have a complete circle, nor use stones/crystals at all in this ritual. The stones/crystals are part of Mother Earth and are therefore connected with the energy of Grandmother Moon. They ultimately raise the energy vibration during this ritual.
  3. Light your candle with the intention of bringing the Divine into the space at this present moment to draw down all which is good and positive and remove all that is negative from your space. Take a moment to gaze into the flame in gratitude for the presence of the Divine in your life.
  4. Start your meditation music with pen and paper in hand, and with the intention to garner the wisdom from the cracks in your life’s road over this last cycle, close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Ask: What lessons are there for me to know from this cycle? Allow the words to come to you. Write whatever comes up as you ponder this question. Allow the words to flow freely, without concern for grammar/spelling/punctuation. Just write.
  5. Continue writing until you are done. The Spirit will guide your thoughts, words, and time to completion if you fully open your Self and allow the work to be done. There is no set time for this to manifest. Allow your Self the time you need to do the work and process in order that you can then release.
  6. Once the Divine messages have finished downloading, close your eyes and place your hand over what you have written with the intention of embracing and embodying the the wisdom that you have received in the lessons of your past. Thank the Divine download for the messages.
  7. Now open your eyes and place the corner of the paper in the candle flame with the intention of releasing the negativity that is contained while fully embodying the wisdom in the lessons. Place the paper in the heat proof dish and allow it to burn to ash. (This is why we have water nearby — safety always!)
  8. Once the paper has been reduced to ashes, pull out your art journal, paints, and brushes and open to a clean 2-page spread. Choose your palette colors and then sprinkle the ashes from your writing into the paint, mixing it into the color with the intention of turning anything ugly that was contained in those words into a beautiful reflection of the past.
  9. Now — paint! Create your Self a beautiful memory of the times you have just released. Paint a beautiful background using the story of your past (the ashes in the paint) as the salve for the future and catalyst for the painting. Depict the wisdom which you were left with during this ritual with the intention of manifesting the wisdom you have just garnered into your life and making it a permanent tenant of your life.
  10. Then take your collage material and make a vision board for this upcoming cycle, ensuring that some of the background can be seen. Hang your vision board prominently with the intention of referring to it and ensuring you are applying the wisdom to your life.

Take the time to do the ritual. You will be glad you did! Remember — ritual is a part of every day life. It is not something that “witches” do in the dark and secret corners of the world. You performed one today when you arose, washed, got ready for work/school, and made your way there. Don’t allow misconceptions and society-created “boogie men” to scare you away from the thought of adding healing rituals to your life.


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