Welcome to the start of a new way of living. A way of living simply and humbly while honoring Self first and foremost. Kintsugi Living means you have chosen to to use “golden joinery” to heal the wounds in your life, and then honor the new golden pathway created rather than “forgive and forget.” Forgiveness by all means is a necessary tenet in living a wholly healed life. Forgetting the hard parts of your life, not so much…

We are often directed to “go deep” and reflect on the trials and tribulations which are causing us pause in our daily life. Once we have reached their depth and acknowledged their presence and effect on our daily lives, we are often instructed to forgive ourselves for these things (which is spot on!) and then release them. And release them in such a way that these things are no longer part of your life; they no longer are part of your memories nor do they bear any fruit in your present psyche. These are the things that inhibit us from living in the Present. Instead, we live in fear and worry of the past repeating itself and/or the past having a negative bearing on our future lives. This worry causes us to miss the gift of the Divine: the Present. We don’t live there — we are in a constant loop between worry about the past that cannot be changed and fearing the future because of our past. We entirely skip the gift of the Present.

The Kintsugi Living Method (KLM) which I have founded and employed in my own life brings us back to existing in the Present Day…

It teaches us to use the golden pathways created by the repaired cracks in our life’s road as guides for our current existence. We celebrate these troubled times not for the trouble they caused in our lives; rather for the wisdom we garnered when we put the salve on the wound, as it is healing, and now that it is in its fully healed and “golden joined” (kintsugi) form. Sometimes the KLM is the act of sprinkling the gold on a wound which is already healing, thereby completing the healing process. And then from there we honor the new golden pathway which was formed. What the Kintsugi Living Method is, however, is a whole mind, body, and soul way of life. It is rich in spiritual principles — ones which you formulate and incorporate for your Self rather than dogma, patriarchy, and fundamentalism forced upon you and found in religious traditions. It is rich in creative practices — journal writing, visual journaling, collage, painting, and more. It is rich in the vibrations and energies which sustain us through Mother Earth — crystals, stones, and herbs. It is balanced with both Light and Shadow — each half of our Self tempered to be of service and in balance with the other…


I could ramble on for hours about what the Kintsugi Living Method is, but that would defeat the purpose of this blog! The blog for Kintsugi Living, the very page you are reading now, will stand as the exploration station for the KLM. Here I will share with you my thoughts on Kintsugi Living and what my experience is embodying this lifestyle. My upcoming book: Kintsugi Living: Highlighting the Golden Pathways in Life’s Cracked Road will be the all-encompassing guidebook for the Method, and will offer you a detailed step-by-step guide for your embodiment of Kintsugi Living. Each person’s expression of this way of life is unique to their own Self. The book is merely the Method explained. From that work, you will be able to implement Kintsugi Living in your life in the manner in which it catapults you to obtain your best and highest good. This is obtained through your active and complete participation in each and every activity, starting with the first and not progressing to the next until the current activity has been completed fully. But I won’t ramble on about the book either, except to say:

It will be a complete novel written as a workshop in a workbook. Yeah — that’s a mouthful…

All I can say is “Stay Tuned!” Not only for the KLM manual in the form of my forthcoming book, but also for the wisdom that will be imparted here on this blog. It is the wisdom found here + the guidance found in the book which will help you successfully embrace and embody the Kintsugi Living Method.


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